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LISA the painful 翻訳(Nern3)








I can tell by the way you're walking away that you don't want to leave... If you really want to hear another story I'll tell you.



Once upon a hot summer night. Sometime in July. ...Was it July? My local grocery store sells really good eggs in July. I don't know why. Do chickens operate better in heat? Fireworks maybe? I don't know. I don't want to get off topic. Point is, the eggs that Summer were marvelous!



Anyway, My wife and I, God rest her soul, went to a BBQ that night. It was held at Dale Spooner's house. Well, his backyard...



Conny Spooner doesn't want people in her home, I think she's just an uptight bitch. So at this BBQ I see none other than... That's right, Tom Forknight...



Now eariler in the day my wife, God rest her soul, had made potato salad for the BBQ. Personally I hate potato salad, I'm a mashed kind of fellow. Hoho!



So I sat in the TV room avioding her till the BBQ. Once we were at the party, I made sure to distance myself from my dumb potato bitch wife. God rest her soul, I didn't just anyone to think I would associate with someone that would bring a potato salad!



Anyway, Tom and his above mediocre wife were already there. And get this, they brought fruit salad! With whipped cream! The nerve of those Forknights!



Needless to say I gave my wife, God rest her soul, a couple choise words! About whipped cream! Versus potato salad! Son of a bitch! A real tongue lashing!





Geez, you're kind of smothering me. I'll talk to you later.