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LISA the painful 翻訳(Nern4)










Well hello again! Funny seeing you here! Well, are ya following me or something? Hoho!



Anyway... I wonder what all happened here. What was that big flash? Why are we here? Even our night and day cycle is odd... Sometimes days last ages, and nights come rarely. And these clouds... So strange... What's happened to our Earth?



... Oh well. Enough of that boring stuff. I once had a real kooky day at the doctor's office!

おや、いけない。退屈な話題はこれで終わりにしよう。 私は一度、診療所で実に奇妙な体験をしたことがあった!


I was in the waiting room reading a teen magazine. Normally I don't indulge in adolescent publications, but I couldn't resist!



I had recently heard the new artist on the radio, Urysess Utensils! She's some young woman, maybe a boy, I don't know. Either way the child can really grasp my attention! So I'm reading this magazine because I saw Urysess on the cover. I still wasn't able to identify if it was a man or woman.



But as I'm reading I notice something on the ceiling... I look up to see that there is some watere damage. You'd think a doctor would make enough money to maintain his office...



I guess he cares about his cool jetskis more than his patient's comfort... And his asummably big house and hard-bodied wife... I wish my wife was like that...



Big ol'... Melons...



Just then! A droplet of water falls from the ceiling! My eyes trail it all the way down  to the ground! I started at the floor for some time, watching the carpet absorb the water.



Suddenly my attention is caught by a small child. The child was glareing directly at me. I saw the devil looking right back at me beneath his eyes!

突然、私の関心は小さな子供にひきつけられた。その子供は私を直接睨み付けていたのだ。 私はその目の下に、悪魔がこちらを覗き返している様子を見たのだ!


I got nervous quickly started directly at my feet as to not aggravate the child. And that's when I noticed something... I was wearing two different kinds of socks!



Golly, I'm all revved up after these thrilling exchanges! To be fair you're a bit of a bore, but beggers can't be choosers! I think I'll stick around, I've got many a tale to tell!



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