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LISA the painful 日本語訳(Nern2)








I decide it was time for bed, I had had a little bit too much excitement for one day! Hoho! I slid into my jammies, brushed my teeth, and said my prayers.



As I was climbing into bed I noticed my wife, God rest her soul, brushed her hair in the bathroom. As I peered across the hall my body swelled up with emotion...



"Why can't I be married to an attractive woman?" "Is is me?" "My bank account?"

「どうして私は魅力的な女性と結婚できないのだろう? 」「原因は私なのか?」「私の財産が足らんのか?」


I'm a tall guy, I workout forty minutes a week... Is that not enough? Now my neighbor at the time, Tom Forknight, was very short. His wife, Karen Forknight-Plateburgur.



Yeah, one of THOSE women. Well, she was more attractive than my wife. I'd say she was a soft six, whereas my wife was a hard  four.What's the deal? I thought women liked tall men? Why was Karen with him?



... Anyway my horse of wife, God rest her soul, crawled into bed next to me. She decided to leave the bedside light on so she could read her book. It was one of her romance novels again... Give me a break...



As if I don't already feel inadequate enough... Not only do I have to compete with Tom, now I have to deal with these fictional hunks! Aye yai yai!



At the point I had already surpressed the urges of intimacy, I rolled over and tried to sleep. Her bedside light was only of minor annoyance. I was able to drift off.



... Then I woke up to a big flash of light.



That's about it.





Geez, you're kind of smothering me. I'll talk to you later.